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Root Canals

A root canal is a dental procedure that cleans decay in your tooth’s root and pulp. The pulp of your tooth is the innermost layer and consists of your nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues.

At Dr. Casey's Terenure dental practice, root canals are painless. The dentist will numb the surrounding area well before getting to work on the decayed tooth. They will disinfect the area with antibiotics while taking out the bacteria and decay from the tooth pulp, root, and nerve. They then will fill the empty root and seal the area, all while your natural tooth is still in place.

The dentist may choose to cover your root canal with a crown if they feel you need the extra protection.

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FAQ About Root Canals

  • Does a Root Canal Hurt?

    Although root canals have a notorious history of being painful, with today’s technology they are typically painless. Since the dentist uses a numbing agent, you most likely will not feel anything.

  • Will I Be In Pain After?

    You can expect to have some discomfort after the numbing wears off, yes. However, the dentist will be able to suggest the right type of pain killer to help with that.